Pawleys Island curtains & pillows

Inspired by the lowcountry light of their native South Carolina, Pawleys Island brings distinctive style to their collection of curtains. You’ll find curtains in every shade to shed just the right amount of light on your front porch, back deck or patio! These curtains are weather-durable, cottony soft and made from high-performance outdoor fabric manufactured right here in the USA!


When you’re designing your outdoor space, you can’t forget about comfort! Add cushion to your wooden piers, porches, docks, decks, chairs and swings with pillows from Pawleys Island, designed to stay cottony soft in all types of weather. You’ll find pillows in the same array of lowcountry colors as their curtains, making matching styles easy!

Decorative Pillows

by Pawleys Island

There's no such thing as too much comfort! Spread these plush pillows around your outdoor space to add some beauty and color to your home.


Hammock Pillows

by Pawleys Island

As if your hammock wasn't already comfortable enough, now you can add an extra cushion for your noggin. Say thank you to your body and let it relax!

Tab-Top Outdoor Curtains

by Pawleys Island

This drapery is no muss, no fuss! Easily slide it directly over a stationary rod and add durable style to your indoor-outdoor space.


Grommet-Top Outdoor Curtains

by Pawleys Island

Pawleys Island designs are inspired by Lowcountry life - easy and laid back! These stylish drapes could be any easier to use.