Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - except when it comes to your family's safety.

So make sure you protect your family with “The ELEPHANT™ Cover”.  The only mesh safety pool cover proven strong enough to support an elephant: LOOP-LOC. No other pool safety cover meets our quality standards - or comes with our commitment to superior customer service.


Loop-Loc Covers

There's simply no better, easier way to keep your family protected around your pool – and to keep your backyard beautiful – than with a LOOP-LOC pool safety cover. Available in your choice of green, black, blue, gray or tan, there's a LOOP-LOC pool cover color to complement just about any décor. Take a look and see just how beautiful (and simple) protecting your family can be.

AQUA-LOC Zipper Treatment

The patented AQUA-LOC treatment is a better way to install LOOP-LOC safety covers on large commercial pools and pools with rails and other nonremovable raised obstructions. It's easy to install, easy to use, and greatly reduces the need for multiple sections and strap-and-buckle treatments. The treatment meets all ASTM standards for safety covers with:

  1. YKK industrial zipper secures cover sections.
  2. Black urethane UV coating protects zipper.
  3. Stainless steel block prevents zipper from being opened.
  4. Key-lockable cable secures block in place.

CABLE-LOC Raised Wall Treatment

Installing LOOP-LOC safety covers on pools with raised walls is a whole lot easier – and a more beautiful experience – with the innovative, patent-pending CABLE-LOC Raised Wall Treatment. CABLE-LOC not only fills in gaps, but has an elegant design that is sure to compliment all applications. The treatment, which meets all ASTM safety standards, features flexible anchor positioning, exceptional quality materials and a sleek new look with:

  1. The smaller-profile SAFEDGE® Safety Barrier that is segmented to better adapt to walls.
  2. Aircraft-quality stainless steel cable that has 5,000 lb. break strength.
  3. Maximum 18" anchor spacing.



The safest, simplest way to close gaps created by raised spas is LOOP-LOC'S patented PROTECT-A-GAP Treatment. It's the perfect solution for raised spas, waterfalls, rises or any obstruction higher than 9", where a two cover treatment is not desired.
Avoid dangerous gaps: Traditional up and over treatments are not considered safe for rises 9" or more. These treatments leave large gaps that permit access to the water's edge, and allow leaves and debris to collect under the cover. PROTECT-A-GAP is the safe solution that:

  • Allows safety cover designation for rises from 9" - 18".
  • Is easy to install. Installer can field fit to provide the most secure gap barrier for each cover.
  • Uses flexible material that provides close fit on any irregular shapes (rocks, round spas, etc.).
  • Meets all ASTM standards for safety covers.