Leave it to the pros

Closing your pool properly is the single most important thing you do to your pool all year.

A professional closing protects your pool from freezing and broken plumbing lines, ensures your equipment is properly winterized, and keeps your pool clear for an easy opening next season.

Pre-closing Recommendations:

Have your pool water professionally tested at our store, and balance as needed.

Clean pool-remove any leaves or debris, vacuum as needed.

Schedule a professional Cline Pools closing after completion of step 1 &2

Our Closing Service includes:

  • Blow out all plumbing
  • Plug return lines & winterize skimmer
  • Add closing chemicals
  • Backwash filter
  • Install pool cover
  • Drain/winterize all equipment
  • Deactivate timers or automation
  • Blow off deck
  • Closings starting at $175.00

Safety Covers

If you purchase a new cover your closing is FREE! 

Safety covers give you peace of mind for your family’s safety and the life your pool.

  • Benefits
  • Protects children
  • Protects pets
  • Protects from the environment for easy opening
  • Keeps backyard attractive all winter.
  • 4 attractive color choices.

Closing the pool Yourself?

Cline Pools Store has everything you need to close you pool properly.

  • We can test your water and help balance
  • We stock all closing supplies, cleaning equipment covers, and Closing kits.
  • Closing kits start at $44.95!



Contact us today to schedule your closing.


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