Loop Lock


A designer in-ground pool liner can be the spectacular centerpiece of your backyard environment, transforming your pool into a work of art. LOOP-LOC Luxury Pool Liners are the first in-ground pool liners good enough and beautiful enough to come from the legendary LOOP-LOC, the company known for manufacturing the ultimate safety swimming pool cover.

Whether you would like to update the look of your current in-ground pool, or enhance the beauty of a new pool, LOOP-LOC Luxury Pool Liners are the perfect choice.


Embracing the Hawaiian expression of gratitude and thanks, our Mahalo design transforms from dramatic violet-blues to shimmering teals with the changing light and our exclusive lightfast Aqua-Shift technology.


Embracing the Hawaiian expression of gratitude and thanks, our Mahalo design transforms from dramatic violet-blues to shimmering teals with the changing light and our exclusive lightfast Aqua-Shift technology.

Royal Navy Glistening Palms

Glistening Palms, infused with blue PearlEssence™ inks convey the sparkle and illusion of motion. You can practically hear the soothing rustle of palm leaves in the breeze.

Sterling Caviar

Transport your sensibilities to the Caspian Sea, where intoxicating wave patterns and caviar pedigree reflect luxury inside every shimmer.


With an iridescent glow, our pearlescent teal tiles shimmer and sparkle as if mimicking the beautiful waves along the Califronia coastline, bringing a harmonious energy to your backyard oasis.


The jeweled tones of our light-refracting pearlescent tile pattern bring an added luster and a spa-like quality to your indulgent oasis.

Shimmering Seawaves

Touch and feel the difference in the first fully textured and embossed designer vinyl liner ever! Infused with iridescent inks, it glitters and sparkles. Exclusively from LOOP-LOC, this PearlEssence™ pool liner pattern is simply brilliant!

Platinum Onyx

Dress your oasis in dark and mysterious tones with a shimmery, sophisticated look from PearlEssence™ that elevates pool aesthetics to those of fine culture.

Camino Lagoon

An extraordinary collage of blue and green abstract designs truly makes this PearlEssence™ selection unique, as it offers an aura that is simultaneously intriguing and meditative.

Palm Springs

The newest addition to our Botique Collection, Palm Springs showcases the elegance and tropical energy of that fabled and glamorous playground where the rich and fabulous simply float away.


A shimmering beauty that is a popular favorite

With a stunningly energetic feel, the latest addition to our Botique Collection brings a myriad of colors and tones that glisten as the water laps along the sides of your aquatic haven.


The color blue represents the pure perfection of great wonder found in a cloudless sky. This majestic azure palette emulates this sense of wonder with a resulting presence of mesmerizing depth and beauty.

Bella Vista

Bella Vista is the premier entry in our new Boutique Collection, featuring a gorgeous yet subtle repeating mosaic pattern.

Acqua Blu

Acqua Blu, the second gorgeous pattern in our Botique Collection, is like an elegant carpet of multi-toned mosaic tile. As if a group of fine, Italian craftsman labored for weeks to create it.


Dive into an astonishing illusion portraying stained glass panels of swirling blue Nautilus shells. Absolutely captivating!

Beach Glass

They say it takes decades to create the soft, magical, luminous look of beach glass. Why wait decades when you can enjoy it today?

Boulder Beach

The dramatic effect of rocky, windswept shores can now be yours with this beautiful ocean-inspired pattern.

River Rock

The varying tones resemble distinctive one-of-a-kind rock formations and provide a unique contrast to the beautiful blue water - making your pool a true conversation piece.

Bengal Bay

Drift along on the gentle lapping waves of Bengal Bay, and dream of exotic destinations where crystal blue waters await and jewel-tone lapis quartz glistens below the surface.


Symbolizing the infinite and never-ending through stunning mandalas -- and with the wisdom and strength of the elephant -- our Mandala design captures a mosaic of spiritual grace that's peerless and incomparable.


With the elegance of an ageless design, our Cambridge pattern is reminiscent of the English countryside, with the natural earth tone colors denoting resilience and steadiness

Nantucket Isle

Sophisticated and rich - yet understated. This multifaceted blue chevron border pattern is quite simply the definition of "wow factor."


Hexagons meet diamonds in this geometrically diverse border pattern that melds into a striking indigo illusion.

Stella Maris

A repeating deception of the Star of the Sea - the mystical guiding star of mariners for centuries.

San Sebastian

Interconnected geometric shapes of varying colors create a look and feel similar to that of a stained glass window, providing an overall feeling of calm and ease, with a touch of the exotic.


Can anything compate to the stunning serenity of a Greek Isle? Recreate the magic that is Samos, floating in the warm waters of the glorious Aegean Sea.


They say that on Antigua, life is a beach. Bring that fabulous free and easy feel to your own private refuge.


There's no better way to chase away the blues than by relaxing in a deep blue oasis. Take the plunge!


True to the island "jewel" of the Aegean Sea for which it's named, this new creation brings a beautifully deep blue to your backyard retreat.

Bimini Isle

This new LOOP-LOC exclusive combines exotic Bahamian elements with elegant style for a sparkling addition to any pool design.


This gorgeous selection echoes the breathtaking blue waters and masterful stonework of its namesake Sicilian port.


The enchanting blue waters of the Aegean Sea blend with charming Romanesque designs to bring an atmosphere of Continental style and charm.


Diamond-shaped designs set between vertically continuous wavy curves, offset by mosaic tiles, present an enchanting water setting to be marveled at.

Midnight Slate

Get dramatic with the strikingly different look of textured slate. Infused with blue iridescent inks, it's shimmery and reminiscent of sea spray kissing remote, rocky shores.

Quartz Flagstone

A unique interpretation in this incredible recreation of a hand-laid flagstones walkway. Infused with blue iridescent inks, it's definitely different and new to the PearlEssence™ line.

Caribbean Teal

Immerse yourself in the signature color of peaceful and serene seas. Give a teal Caribbean feel to any pool

Santa Fe

Bring a bold statement of style to any pool by evoking the charm and sophistication of Santa Fe, and pay homage to the sun gods of the Southwest!


The Blue Grotto on the magical isle of Capri creates breathtaking hues of blue light as the sun bursts through its waters. Now you can bring the magic home.

Sag Harbor

This style is simple and serene … just like the Long Island destination for which it's named.

Hampton Blue

Classically elegant, this popular design brings out your pool water's natural beauty.

Ocean Reef

The wondrous colors of the ocean depths are captured in all their shimmering beauty in this liner design, introduced just this year.


An island paradise of pristine beaches, refreshing ocean breezes and cascading waters are brought to life in your backyard.